Call for papers

Southern Workshop in Empirical Political Science

The SoWEPS-3 workshop organizers invite submissions of (1) completed papers, and (2) detailed research designs. Graduate students and faculty (esp. junior faculty) are both encouraged to submit their work. Priority will be given to graduate students on the job market. We anticipate having 4-5 papers presented during the plenary sessions.

Submission deadline for SoWEPS-3: April 2, 2021.

In line with the workshop's mission to support rigorous and creative empirically-focused research in the comparative politics and international relations fields, priority will be given to submissions that use or propose innovative methods or innovative types of data. We are particularly interested in work that is pushing the frontier of both empirical causal work (field experiments, natural/quasi-experimental methods, etc.) as well as the frontier of empirical descriptive or predictive work (machine learning, text analysis, etc.). We also invite submissions utilizing new types of data (novel administrative data, remote-sensed data, historical data) and beyond.

As a workshop that is feedback-focused, we prefer the submission of completed papers that have not already passed through review at a journal. However, work that is having trouble finding a home in a journal, is still very welcome.

To submit your paper or research design, click on the link above or email your submission to the organizers (Molly Ariotti, Mollie Cohen, and Dotan Haim) with the subject line ‘SoWEPS Submission.‘ If you submit via email, please indicate your rank (graduate student, Asst. Professor, etc.) and whether you are on the job market this year.

Key SoWEPS-3 (2021) Dates:

  • April 2: Submission deadline

  • May 7: SoWEPS-3 Conference hosted (virtually) by the University of Georgia and Florida State University

SoWEPS-3 Conveners: Molly Ariotti (UGA), Mollie Cohen (UGA), Dotan Haim (FSU)