What is/are "WEPS"?

Small workshops and conferences have an important place in the intellectual and practical development of scholarship, especially empirical work that addresses key questions in political science. The `WEPS’ model, which started as a collaboration among empirical political economy scholars in the northeast (NEWEPS), has played a leading role in the development of forward-looking scholarship. As a collaborative endeavor with nearby departments the workshop helps to build faculty and graduate student relationships. Important things these meetings share:

  • Open paper calls
  • Priority on papers that are ripe for feedback; mostly advanced grad student papers on the agenda
  • Priority for regular participation (after helping others on their papers, one deserves attention to their own work)
  • No presentations; participants expected to have read everything in advance. Discussant begins with 5-10 minutes of comments before open discussion around the table for 45 minutes. Graduate students prioritized on feedback list for the first 15 minutes.

Join one near you (or start your own): NEWEPS, CaliWEPS, EuroWEPS, MWEPS