Past Meetings

SoWEPS-2 - Fall 2020, hosted by Duke University

Conveners: Adriane Fresh (Duke), Rachel Myrick (Duke), Livia Schubiger (Duke)

Paper Presenters:

  • Jan Vogler (UVA): "Pandemics and Political Development:The Electoral Legacy of the Black Death in Germany"

  • Hannah Ridge (Duke): "(Il)liberal Democrats in Egypt"

  • Pearce Edwards (Emory): "Fixing the Past: The Effects of Human Rights Trials on Political Attitudes in Argentina"

  • Eroll Kuhn (UNC): "Do Longer Refugee Journeys Hamper Economic Integration? Evidence from Switzerland's Participation in the European Refugee Relocation Program"

  • Yuko Sato (Tulane/Missouri): "Protest and Polarization: The Case of the 2018 Presidential Election in Brazil"

SoWEPS-1 - Fall 2019, hosted by Emory University

Conveners: Danielle Jung (Emory) and Renard Sexton (Emory)

Paper Presenters:

  • Jeremy Spater (Duke), “Exposure and Preferences: Evidence from Indian Slums.”

  • Yael Zeira (Ole Miss), “The Ethnicization of Syria’s Conflict.”

  • Don Grasse (Emory), “Extractive Institutions and Social Conflict: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia”

  • Dean Dulay (Duke), “When Running for Office Runs in the Family”

  • Abbey Heller (Emory), “Public Support for Electoral Reform: The Role of Electoral System Experience”

Poster Presenters:

  • Gong Chen (Georgia State), Umberto Mignozzetti (FGV), Patrick Pierson (Emory), Hannah Ridge (Duke), Miguel Rueda (Emory), Justin Schon (Florida), Jan Vogler (UVA), Jeffrey Ziegler (Emory)